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Directly from the distant frozen lands of the north, the Ragnarok landed to spread its icy breath over our land. Adorned with an imposing horned helmet and equipped with a perfectly sharp axe, a strange potion of intense red hanging on its belt attracts immediately. NOW sucralose-free.

Format: 30ml

Maceration: 3-5 days

Dilution: 10-15%

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Data sheet

Main Ingredient
Red Fruits
30 ml
Ice Freshness
Fast 4-12 days
% Dilution
Low 3-11 %

Specific References

You will feel the poignant intensity of the meeting between a juicy raspberry and sweet strawberries, your taste buds will fall bare as the blackcurrant, blackberries or wild strawberries approach. All this anthology of small multicolored berries will finally come to interstice in one last outing with the freshness dominated to complete a tasting with the unique intensity, worthy of the Definitive range!

Ragnarok from the A&L Ultimate range is a concentrated flavor that should be mixed with the basis of your choice to make an e-liquid for e-cigarettes. It is dosed from 27 drops to 10 ml and allowed to mature for three to five days for optimal results. It is available in PET bottles with fine tips and safe for children in 10 or 30 ml.

Capacity: 30 ml

Complex aroma

Fresh / menthol Yes

Low dosage of (at 50/50) 27 drops / 10 ml

Dosage in% of (at 50/50) 5%

Origin France

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