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Kits BF Bottom Feeder

Kits BF Bottom Feeder

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The Vandy Vape Requiem BF Kit is the latest creation of the well-known youtuber Julio Ruades "El Mono Vapeador" in collaboration with Vandy Vape. A fully mechanical bottom feeder mod with the body made of zinc alloy, small, solid and very comfortable in hand, which includes the Requiem RDA Dark Edition, an RDA with 22mm diameter with a 24mm bezel ring marked with the detailed Requiem logo and greater air inlet than in previous Requiem RDA.

Buy Botton feeder kits in our online store. For dribble lovers, one of the biggest drawbacks is having to wet the cotton from your atomizer every few puffs. This is why squonk mods were born, also known in the vaping world as mods BF, Bottom Feeder. These mods are prepared to be used with RDAs that allow BF, and what they do is send the liquid from a bottle located inside the mod, pressing it and allowing the liquid to be introduced into the tank at the bottom, thus wetting the cottons mounted in the resistance. This is what is known as squonking.

Mods with BF or squonk mods have a battery space, as well as a needle bottle. It's basically like dribbling without hands. On the body of the mod BF are the bottle and battery, usually capped with a magnetic cover. Normally, on the side of the mod there is an opening from which you can press the bottle. The tank has an opening in the bottom pin and when we press the bottle we raise the liquid to the tank and wet the cotton without having to wet it from above. When you stop squeezing the bottle, the excess of that liquid usually returns to the bottle. Also the new dribbling tanks with BF system usually have a large space in the deck to be able to contain a certain amount of liquid, keeping the cottons wet, and thus not having to fill so often.

In our online store you will find complete botton feeder kits of the best quality such as the new Requiem de Vandy Vape in collaboration with the vaping mono, which for its quality of finishes make it a perfect kit to enter the world of repair kits and Botton feeder.