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Authentic tobacco flavor

Authentic tobacco flavor

By : Álex - Categories : Tutorials Rss feed

Hello again, here you have a selection of those who are looking for real tobacco flavor, and also tobacco with nuts, a pleasure to share my experiences with everyone.


  • Aromas LA TABACCHERIA: If you're really looking for tobacco tobacco flavor, you're sure you'll like it.
  • In all of them you will find different shades of tobacco, pure extract thereof,
  • Aroma ATMOS LAB APACHE: American tobacco with authentic tobacco flavor.
  • Aroma ATMOS LAB TEXAS: Dry tobacco flavor, authentic American tobacco.
  • Aroma ATMOS LAB CAMILA: Authentic tobacco, with a mild and aromatic flavor.
  • Aroma ATMOS LAB TURKISH HARMAN: Very aromatic, different powerful Turkish cigars.
  • Aroma PUMP BLONDE TOBACCO: Very good soft tobacco in throat.
  • Aroma OIL4VAP BLONDE 5 STARS: Tobacco leaf with wooden nuances.
  • Aroma OIL4VAP VIRGINIA: Aromatic blond tobacco, intense flavor, slightly earthy sweet.


  • Aroma ATMOS LAB NUTACCO: A classic of always, top sales. Toasted flavor
  • Aroma PUMP NUTS: Aroma of nuts and delicious tobacco.
  • Aroma SHAMAN JUICE TRINDIO: Different tobacco with a variety of nuts. Great taste.
  • Aroma ELEMENT 555 TOBACCO: Very well balanced in all aspects.

Well, I wish you like them, any questions about them do not hesitate to comment, a cordial greeting.

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