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The importance of a shipper

The importance of a shipper

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There are still many users who use vaping devices with external batteries and who continue to charge them using the same device (mod) and it is a mistake. I explain below why.

For external charging of batteries either in a vaping device, cameras, flashlights, etc... external chargers are always used that make our batteries first last as long as possible and second that charge as efficiently as possible. These chargers can charge all kinds of batteries... from 18350 to 26650, through the typical 18650, 20700 or 21700.

The why preferable to charging with external chargers is very simple. If we charge our batteries from the same mod, we will have the risk of excessive heating of the battery and electronics, which can make them can give off gases when they break and on more than one occasion catch fire and burn the poles of the mod of the same heating and melt, with which we have the risk of the mod breaking down. Keep in mind that we are subjecting to a basic electronics, to more than 60A in its load, that does not know how to manage it completely well, that EYE, does not have to go wrong, but not for daily use.

The battery chargers, whether one, two, four or eight bays are suitable for an optimal charge and so that our mod, can last as long as possible and we have maximum security, which of course and not to be forgotten, is the most important thing. We use an electronic device and as such, we must take care of it in the safest way possible.

Another advantage that we can have with an external charger to charge by the same mod is the speed. The most efficient chargers are charging at approximately 2A per battery, from experience, two fully discharged 18650 batteries can be charged around an hour, hour and a half, if we charge them with the mod, x2 would be multiplied.

In addition to extending the life of our mod, we extend the life of our batteries that we already know that approximately usually last with an optimal charge and taking advantage of it 100% about 6 months.

In our online store you can see a variety of models depending on how many batteries you use per day, the more you use, a battery charger of more bays you will need.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, happy vaping!.

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