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TOP Aromas 2020

TOP Aromas 2020

By : Alberto - Categories : Reviews Rss feed

We continue with our top of 2020, now the turn of aromas. For those alchemists who always have the need and taste to be making their own liquid here we leave you a top with the most vaping aromas in 2020:

  1. HEISENBERG VAMPIRE VAPE: Years pass and remain the top 1, hated by some, but loved by the higher percentage of vapers, this blue liquid leaves no one indifferent. Characteristic flavor of red fruits with a touch of freshness.
  2. DON JUAN RESERVA: As we have already said in the top of liquids, it is the king, here is the prince, but come on, we can already say of this Don Juan, rich where there are and sweet without impaling for all day.
  3. RY4 DOUBLE: the classic, the one of a lifetime. The Ry4 is possibly the most "copied" aroma in vaping history, all tobacconies have a base of RY4, but like that of a lifetime, the original, none. Mixture of dried fruit, tobacco leaves with the minimum touch of caramel to enjoy and taste it all day.
  4. ASTAIRE NETWORK: If we talked about the two most famous fruit aromas, we would talk about Heisenberg and Red Astaire. Its blend of sweet red fruits adding a little freshness and that peculiar touch of anise makes it a favorite of many classic vapers.
  5. RAGNAROK GREEN EDITION: A&L created this liquid without really knowing how rich it was. From my experience and everyone who proves it, this mixture of red fruits and berries are very reminiscent of typical childhood ice creams, in addition to adding that hard freshness of the French brand.
  6. TY-4 T-JUICE: Aroma traced to RY4 double of a lifetime, but adding more dried fruit and sweeter, 100% sweet tabaquil.
  7. TRIBECA: as we said also in the top of liquids, could not be missing in the aromas. Rich scent of caramel, without being strong but also not soft, is in the best tabaquil for many vapers.
  8. MEXICAN FRIED ICE CREAM: A very correct dessert aroma. An aroma reminiscent of the typical Mexican fried ice creams, with an vanilla touch adding dried fruit and coconut, ideal complements for an aroma.
  9. ONI GREEN EDITION: the file par excellence, the richest lime flavor you've ever tasted. Again the brand A&L with its top sales brings us this Oni, with its Green version. And be careful, it's very cold ;)
  10. TORMENT: and we end up with a branded aroma Spain. the Torment of Alquimia Para Vapers has become the head liquid for many vapers, coconut with vanilla and chocolate makes its mixture with nuts and tobacco leaves a perfectly balanced and flavor-rich aroma. Sign it up if you haven't tried it yet.

And so far our TOP, let us hope that you encourage to try them and that you tell us your experiences around here in the comments or in the reviews of the aromas themselves. Thank you so much for reading to us.

Happy Vapeo!!

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