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TOP Liquids 2020

TOP Liquids 2020

By : Alberto - Categories : Reviews Rss feed

We continue as last year with the most vapeados, best-selling liquids or to which you vapers consider to be the best, in case you have not tried any yet and you can take the leap and convince you more, here we leave the top with our mini-review:

  1. DON JUAN RESERVA: without a doubt the best-selling liquid par excellence. Its mixture of flavors and sweetness makes it a liquid for daily and little impaling... in addition to being the most famous for its consecutive awards for best liquid of the year. A chocolate brownie with vanilla and coconut and, sweetening, a macadamia nut that rounds out the set.
  2. AMERICAN LUXURY: the tobacco par excellence and the favorite of many. A taste with a strong throat blow and minimal sweetness makes Drops American Luxury the flagship of the brand. A strong blend of tobacco and a caramel dot makes it an ideal liquid for lovers of the genre.
  3. BAKERS DAUGHTERS: the preferred liquid you're talking about. Little can be said of this delicious liquid and a must in my "cellar". The mixture of marshmallow and white chocolate give it a special sweetness, but if you add the cake, the liquid when vaping each puff is impregnated with flavor to the palate... a real delight that you must try.
  4. TRIBECA: It never fails, Halo triumphed with the release of this liquid, soft tobacco, without excessive blow by the mixture of tobaccos and a caramel that makes it one of the favorite liquids for the day to day in all its formats.
  5. RKOI COILL SPILL: Coill spill's Rkoi is the typical liquid that if you don't try it won't convince you... you'll say, mix champagne and strawberries, easy, as soon as you give him the first puff you'll know what I'm saying. Delicious, does not impal and also like its companion, it envelops the whole mouth of the delicious flavor.
  6. STRAWBERRY LEMONADE HORNY FLAVA: LIQUIDAZO, with capital letters, in fact, of the best fruit trees you can try. A fresh lemonade with a mixture of sweet strawberries makes this liquid a favorite of many for its special sweetness and fruity touch characteristic of the Malaysian brand.
  7. BOTTLE SERVICE COIL SPILL: we would practically talk about the same liquid as the RKOI, but no. This Bottle Service, carries a final bitterness point in addition to the strawberries that for those who like this type of liquid will become their head liquid without a doubt.
  8. DON JUAN TABACO DULCE: the tobacco version of Don Juan Reserva. In addition to the delicious blend of chocolate, vanilla, coconut and macadamia nut, this liquid adds nuts and tobacco leaves, so that in addition to liking the sweetest, tobacco lovers, they have something different and rich at the same time.
  9. MANGO DE HORNY FLAVA: we return to Malaysia to remove one of the TOP liquids in fruit trees, the Mango flavor of this liquid is authentic, the mango flavor of a lifetime, without mixtures. In addition, a freshness point that makes it the head liquid of many people and they never want to change.
  10. BEBECA ATMOS LAB: As we have already seen the highlights in tobacco liquids are the ones that accompany candy, this Bebeca, in addition to the caramel and its tobacco leaves, adds that the liquid barely has a blow, a tobacco liquid, without robustness and soft in every puff, candies tabaquil of a lifetime.

Here we leave you the top of the most vapese liquids in 2020, any doubts or suggestions you have do not hesitate to put it is the comments below.

Happy Vapeo!!

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