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Chef Flavours

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Mexican-style fried vanilla ice cream

A sweet vanilla ice cream inhales and an exhale cereal with hints of cinnamon and almond, combining all flavors with the added flavor of coconut.

Karl: "The back flavor in this juice is something special..."

30ml uk-made concentrate bottle

Dilution 20-30%

Buy Chef Flavours aromas in our online store. The satisfaction of creating new flavors and knowing that they are the flavors of aromas Chefs Flavours preferred by vapers around the world is the reward that motivates these two vaping liquids chefs to continue improving with the exquisite flavors. In 2016 they changed the name from Chefs Vapor to Chefs Flavours a more appropriate name for a brand of vaping liquids. The brand studies each flavor accurately to get the best aromas of alchemy and get the best flavors of vaping.

Our vaping shop offers you a wide selection of vaping liquids Chefs Flavours at the best price. The prestigious brand offers you countless recipes of liquids and vaping aromas with flavors that will not leave you indifferent. If you have not yet tasted the aromas of the brand Chefs Flavours, from Ivapeo we invite you to taste the best flavors to vape. That's why from Vaposelección we bring you the most iconic of the brand, the mexican fried that turns out to be a Mexican style fried vanilla ice cream, with touches of cinnamon, almond and coconut, a delight for your palate. We also present the Divine Fantastic which is a mixture of three oranges to create a delicious drink with a jet of ice that will refresh all your senses.