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Return Policy: Right of Withdrawal 14 days

The return of any product purchased in Vapeseleccion and according to the law of right to withdrawal can be previously communicated by email and with the purchase invoice attached to, to express your decision to withdraw from your contract.

The products may be returned for a period of 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the product, in perfect condition as delivered to the customer in its original box and sealed, for this purpose to contact the customer immediately to solve the incident.

In the case of a return within the allowed range, all costs and return costs will be borne by the customer when it is not a return for material received in poor condition or an error by Vaposeleccion.

Returns will not be accepted even if it is within the return period:
If the customer sends the product unsealed, used or damaged for reasons of hygiene and safety.

Outside the stipulated period for the return.

Returns Resolution:

Voucher discount of the total initial purchase including shipping or reimbursement by means of the same payment system made by the customer, except for the expenses incurred by the return.

If the customer sends a product unsealed, used or in poor condition will also bear the return costs for the customer.

Legal guarantee of our products: 2 years

The guarantee of products for electronic devices will be two years from the delivery of the product to the customer, communicating it in the two months following its detection to detailing the problem presented by the device.

The guarantee will not protect in any case against damage caused by misuse, accidents, overvoltage, etc ... or ultimately any damage produced after its manufacture. For a better use of your devices, do not hesitate to contact Vaposeleccion, you will avoid subsequent problems or warranty invalidations due to improper use of the devic

Depending on the type of product there are the following exceptions:

The internal battery devices and external batteries will have a 3-month warranty because their cycle is about 300 charges, with an approximate average life much lower than that guarantee.

Consumables such as atomizers, liquids or spare parts are not guaranteed, they will only enter the return policy.

The guarantee may be invalidated if:

Once observed the lack of conformity or defects in the product, not having informed Vaposeleccion within 2 months.

Batteries not suitable for vaping have been used, have not been conveniently charged by an external charger or are damaged. An example of this is when the shrink wrap is in poor condition and can cause a short circuit. In addition, it is essential to carry the batteries always protected, never in a pocket with other metal objects.

The trigger button on the device has been left pressed and may cause overheating.

The device will carry us with evidence of liquid filtration, which can cause damage to the electronics of the equipment.

The device has been updated, manipulated or repaired by the customer. In short, any damage after the manufacture of the device caused by misuse by the buyer.

Resolution of products under warranty:

Once Vaposeleccion has been received, the warranty will be resolved immediately, proceeding to repair or replace the device with a new one. In case of not satisfying the previous two, a discount voucher will be generated for a future purchase and, if applicable:

Vaposelection will offer collection on the peninsula of apparently defective products and if it is finally so, all procedures will be free for the consumer. Products that have not been found to be defective will be returned to the customer after payment of the costs incurred in the collection and / or shipment to the customer.

If a customer has made the shipment to Vaposeleccion and said product was defective we will proceed to return the shipping cost in the form of a discount voucher never exceeding € 5 per shipping cost.

Products that are repaired will also be delivered at no cost to the customer. The warranty of the repaired products will be carried out within a reasonable period of time, during the duration of the repair the warranty terms are suspended until the product is delivered. In the case of product replacement, the warranty terms will be suspended until the replaced product is delivered, which does not have a new 2-year warranty period, but the remaining term that remains to be met is activated.

If the defect or lack of conformity with the product arises in the first 6 months after its purchase, it is presumed that it is a defect of origin or factory that already existed when the product was delivered. It will be the selling company that must demonstrate that this is not the case, and that it is due, for example, to misuse or maintenance of the product.

After 6 months, there is still a legal guarantee but on this occasion it is up to the consumer to demonstrate that the defect or lack of conformity already existed at the time of the sale and that it has not been due to misuse or maintenance of the product for your part. This demonstration is generally carried out through the realization of an expert report.