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Single 0.26: The queen of the single coil. For an intense vaping, with an excellent reaction and a crunch that enamors. Designed for atomizers with small decks, RDA of 22mm-24mm and tanks designed for a single resistance with a small deck.

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Wire TypeAlien Full Nichrone
Ohms ValueSingle Coil 0,21 - 0,30 Ω

It is built with three cores of 28ga and a claptomizado of 38ga, all this 100% Nichrome80 of KIDNEY PUNCHER, in 4 turns in guide of 2,5mm. 0.26 Ohm.

The packaging includes:

2x Resistances
1x Wrap CharroCoils 18650

Installation advice

When unpacking a CharroCoils resistor, place it in a guide of the indicated diameter, insert the legs of the same in the hole of the indicated atomizer deck (always one leg in the positive pole and another in the negative pole) and cut the excess. Once the length of the legs has been adjusted, replace the resistance in its place and tighten the screws that will fasten it to the deck. Once installed make sure you do not touch the resistance with any of the poles, except with its legs.

When we have them installed, we will proceed to stabilize them. This process has to be carried out in an electronic device, never in a mechanical modme. To begin to stabilize the resistors, select a low power output voltage, around 1.8V, in the electronic device. Little by little we will give short pulses until we see that the resistance is taking temperature. Without ever going to put the resistance completely incandescent, we will peek, a series of points that light up more than the rest of the resistance. To eliminate these points and the resistance is properly stabilized, we will tighten the turns of the resistance with ceramic tweezers, gently and slowly until they have been completely eliminated. Once there are no red dots and the resistance lights evenly from the center to the ends, we are ready to start using it; we just need to put the cotton, our favorite liquid and it would be ready.


When we see that the resistance is dirty or that the cotton has lost some of its properties, we will remove the cotton, once done, we will repeat the stabilization process of the resistances, but in a much milder way, never putting them red hot. We will heat them in a calm way and before they become incandescent we will submerge them in a glass of water to temper them and that a resistance in pyrolysis will be cleaned. We will repeat this process two or three times in each cleaning, until they are perfectly clean and we can replace the cotton and keep vaping.

The duration of the CharroCoils resistances will depend on the correct maintenance and on the aggressiveness of the liquids we use when vaping.

Safety warnings and use in mechanics.

The proposal proposed by CharroCoils offers a wide range of vaping possibilities. All CharroCoils resistors work perfectly in both electronic mods and mechanical mods.

Electronic mods: Always be vigilant if you have been able to leak some liquid in the electronics, keep the mod clean and always use batteries with high discharge amperage and in good condition (Sony VTC6)
Mechanical Mods: This is where more emphasis needs to be placed on safety. It is essential that the mod is always clean, without bumps and with all the parts that make it correctly placed. When using mechanical devices, ALWAYS use batteries with the maximum possible discharge amperage. (18650: Sony VTC4, Sony VTC5A, LG HB6 ...) (20700 Ijoy 5patas, Golisi ...) (21700 Samsung 30T ...)


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