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La Lecheria Vape

La Lecheria Vape



Milk flan, tastes traditional and irresistible custard with sweet milk, vanilla butter and nuts.

Format: 30ml

Maceration: 5-7 days

Dilution: 15%

Buy aromas of the Dairy in our online store. Spanish manufacturer that will remind you of a famous dairy brand that for many of us would mark our childhood. La Lechería Vape presents its range of aromas so you can create your own e-liquids of sweet and irresistible flan of different flavors. A very complete range in which you will find aromas of caramel flan, lemon flan and milk flan, among others. If you are a lover of sweet e-liquids.

From Vaposelección we bring you the whole range of aromas of this delicious brand that will make you travel to your childhood with its spectacular flavors of flan. You will not be able to resist the aromas of La Lechería Vape!