Shipping and Logistics


It Includes Peninsula Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Andorra and the Balearic Islands.

  • Private Messaging service GLS24 Peninsula and Balearic Islands.

In Vaposeleccion we use the fastest at the best price for our customers transportation, orders placed before 19:00 depart the same day and delivered the next business day door to door in the Peninsula, while in Baleares delivery can range up both days.

Private Messaging supports cash on delivery, which has a surcharge of 3% of the total cost of the order with a minimum of 3 €. NOT SHIP ANY PACKAGE WITHOUT CONFIRMATION accepted by the customer.

Orders by courier (Express Mail) placed before 19: 00h (Monday to Friday), will leave the same day, the rest will go to the next business day. Obviously no shipments or on Saturdays or Sundays are made, so those orders made on Friday before 19:00 will that day and those subsequently made to that schedule will be shipped the following Monday.

Monitoring Posts per GLS:

  • Certified Mail - Ceuta, Melilla, Andorra and the Canary Islands

All orders delivered outside the peninsula, excluding Baleares be delivered by certified mail is not available the payment on delivery. Delivery time is about 3 days.

All shipments are with 3 copies of the invoice for the customs procedure, if the customer has to pay the DUA whenever the purchase is less than € 150.

Shipper locator Post:

Correos orders placed before 13: 00h (Monday to Friday), will leave the same day, the rest will go to the next business day. If you are not at home at the time of delivery, the postman will leave a notice in the mail and will have 15 calendar days to pick up your order at the post office indicated on the notice. If you do not collect the order within the period specified, this will be returned to the office Vaposeleccion and will have to pay the amount of shipping back by bank transfer.

Delivery by postal registered mail could reach 3-4 days for these non-peninsular provinces. Obviously for Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands, would be exempt VAT in the price of products and is applied automatically in this online store.

For clarification on other shipping and / or customs, contact nosoros:

957947366 -



more economical door to door service with European coverage, with optimum transit times (being delivered 2 to 3 days in the major EU countries). monobulto shipments, online tracking and insurance included International.

Monitoring Posts per GLS:

The transit time between 3 and 7 days depending on the distance and all packages come by registered mail with tracking code is not allowed payment on delivery. All orders placed before 13:00 Spanish time, will leave the same day.


Shipper locator Post:

For all shipments OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION, they shall be made by registered letter and will be full obligation and responsibility to be subject to the law of customs in your country and can have VAT charges and / or import delivery. If the customer does not charge done about it should bear the costs of shipping, returning by Vaposeleccion the rest of the money once we have been returned the package.

Mail delivery time by country:

NOTE: The costs of all shipments are quantified for shipments up to 0.5kg for courier and mailing certificate, the price may be increased for this reason directly in the cart or notifying the customer before serving the order.

Any questions, please contact Vaposeleccion.

Tel: 957947366

Return policy

The return of any product purchased in Vapeseleccion may be previously communicated via email and with the purchase invoice attached.

Items may be returned within a period of 5 business days from the date of delivery of the product in perfect condition as delivered, and if possible in their original packaging to avoid depreciation of their value.

In the case of a refund within the allowed range, all costs and expenses of return will be borne by the customer when no question of a refund for defective material or a mistake by Vaposeleccion, in any case, the customer will always make us arrive before the product.

Any material that is to be returned must be in perfect condition and will then be reviewed by our department for this purpose, which will manage if the money back to the customer.

Continuously perform internal improvements to ensure a quality service to our clients, a fiabilizad guaranteeing confidence can be deposited in us as a company. If we choose as online store to buy electronic cigarette products seek to assist in the best way that we can, but sometimes human errors occur or derivatives of the companies are cooperating to transport products, in this case from Vaposeleccion are available to the customer for the immediate solution of any anomalies that have arisen.

Guarantee our products

In the event that a product is defective, Vaposeleccion shall repair, replacement, price reduction or resolution of the problem immediately, negotiations that are free for the consumer or customer. Vaposeleccion liable for faults that become apparent within a period of two months from delivery, all products which are electronic cigarette kits or boot, as recorded by the manufacturer. The consumer and user must inform Vaposeleccion of the lack of conformity within that period, from becoming aware of it.

Consumable parts: Claromizadores, atomizers, cartridges, disposable cigarette and e-liquid collateral to be lacking as the name suggests consumables and health and safety no repayment is accepted.

There will be no replace or refund the product if it is defective product misuse, strokes, etc ...

It is recommended to change the claromizadores every 20 days, but can last up to a month (depending on frequency of use and vaping). Resistance is a filament incandescent maintained each time the button on the battery is pressed, the continuous use of e-cigarette ends up burning said filament giving a taste of burning, it is time to replace the fuse (replaceable resistance) or claromizador should be disposable.