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Shortfill Eliquids

Shortfill Eliquids

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Buy shortfill eliquids in our vaping shop. We start with a question.

What are E-Liquids Shortfill?, a short filler e-liquid is a large bottle of e-liquid without nicotine that is not completely full. A 60 ml short filler e-liquid bottle, for example, is usually sold under the name "50 ml short filler" because it only contains 50 ml of e-liquid. Complete the bottle by adding 10 ml of e-liquid with nicotine. Although shortfill eliquids of different capacities have also been created such as 25ml, 40ml, 80ml, 100ml and even 200ml.

The reason short-filled electronic liquid bottles can be larger than 10 ml is that they do not contain nicotine until you add them. Therefore, the TPD bottle size limit does not apply. A bottle of e-liquid without nicotine can be any size without violating TPD.

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