Sub-Ohm & Clearomizers

Large reservoir tanks and manufactured for advanced performance vapers get more starting looking into the world of vaping below 1.00 Ohm.

Sub-Ohm & Clearomizers


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    Best claromizadores the best market price

    In Vaposelección claromizadores have the best prices available. Quality assurance and use our claromizadores for your electronic cigarette.

    Is understood to deposit claromizador where e-liquid is stored and that is screwed on top of the e-cigarette. These claromizadores can be of different categories are considering whether to use or throw disposable or replaceable atomizer head, also known as repairable claromizadores. Repairable within those listed in the wick upper claromizador and that arranged in the bottom or "bottom coil". Furthermore, this type of resistance can be single or double, also known as "dual coil". For those who are resistance "bottom coil" are those with two resistors called "dual coil or BDC bottom" and those with a special ventilation system called Protank or BCC system. The claromizadores in general can also be classified according to their ability, for example, known as tanks when they have a similar system to Vivi Novas screw 510, high capacity and resistance at the top of the claromizador. Claromizadores generally work very well in stress voltage between 3.7 and 4V, which are basic for eGo batteries, even the most sophisticated will do for variables tensions that may possibly proceeding to 5 or 6V.

    The Claromizadores to vepear your favorite e-liquid you have them on Vaposeleccion the best price, find the one you like among all the variety we offer and buy it.


    Coils Electronic Cigarette cheaper

    Heads, resistors or fuses usually repairable claromizadores is the most user consumable by vapeadores. Atomizer head where the resistance with the strands (if any), may be in the claromizador top or at the bottom or "bottom coil" is replaced.

    Buy Vaposeleccion your resistances for electronic cigarettes at best price and cheaper.


    RBA Coil to build like rebuidable atomizers on Sub-ohm tanks.


    Repuestos para todo tipo de claromizadores, tanques, pyrex, y demás...

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