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One of the most outstanding elements of the Lustro is the inclusion of an IR (infrared) sensor that allows a futuristic and hands-free control method that does not require the user to use the touch screen to interact with their device, converting their daily vaping session Something you would see in a science fiction movie.

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Simply by moving your hand in front of the device, you can navigate through the menu or change the shooting mode, an adventure that you must experience for you to create. Although we are incredibly proud of this aspect of Lustrum, you can turn it off if you want. While we try to revolutionize the vaping industry, we will not force you to use an interaction method that you do not like.

The LED strip of color change located on the left of the screen provides a degree of personalization that gives the user the possibility of taking ownership of each Luster, illuminating in green, red or blue gradually from the bottom to the top as It turns on, providing the user with an easy way to calculate how long their successes last without keeping their eyes glued to the screen. Behind the firing button there is another LED that will always match the color of the strip and can be set to stay on for up to 10 seconds after the MOD stops firing. In addition to providing a unique external style, these lights together act as an alert system that notifies the user that their device is activating due to accidental contact with an object or a malfunction, providing an additional layer of protection against burned cotton and the ventilation batteries. In addition to these two colored LEDs that are activated when shooting,

Powered by the GX-200-HUT chipset and powered by two 18650 high-drain lithium-ion batteries, the Lustro is capable of generating a maximum potential of 200 watts and features a color touch screen inspired by an easy-to-read speedometer . The cycle through the shooting modes can be done using the hands-free control method of the aforementioned infrared sensor or by sliding the mode option located at the top of the screen, similar to Spruzza and Colossal. A wide range of shooting modes ensures that the Luster is as versatile as possible, with variable wattage modes, power curve and temperature control, as well as adjustable TCR and TFR. In VW mode, there are three available ramp options: Soft, Medium, and Difficult, each providing a different experience even with the same power setting selected. Curve mode is a single trigger mode that uses five separate voltage and time settings that allow the cooking cycle to suit individual preferences or be configured to emulate temperature control. Example: The first second can be set to burst at 90w and then level at 75w, then sit at 60w for the rest of your vape. Perfect for massive prefabricated coils that have become common, this shooting mode provides a ramp time that can be adjusted to achieve optimum performance of your specific construction. The temperature control presets included in the Luster are configurations for NI200, SS316, SS317, SS304 and titanium heating elements.

Using the device:

Power adjustment: unlocking the device is done by simply sliding your finger across the screen. Touching the power will allow you to adjust the power of the device by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons that appear on the screen. Pressing the fire button will configure the power and return to the main screen.

Accessing the menu: To access the Lustro menu, you must press the fire button 5 consecutive times. You can scroll through the options by sliding left or right on the screen. The functions are off, blow counter limit, blow counter eraser, brightness settings, firmware version checker, ohm tester and other features that will be released at a future date.

Changing shooting modes: changing modes in the Luster is as simple as unlocking the screen (sliding your finger from the top of the screen downwards) and sliding your finger to the left and right. The firing options are the following: Power, Temp, Curve, TCR and TFR. To choose a specific cable type while in temperature control mode, hold the TEMP icon at the top of the screen for 2 seconds. This will allow you to switch between the following types of cables: Ni200 nickel, SS304 stainless steel, SS316 stainless steel, SS317 stainless steel and Ti titanium.

Product specifications :

Requires 2 batteries of size 18650 (not included)
Type of touch screen: Capacitve screen; Requires the electrical properties of the body


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