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Ronin Mods, competitive mechanical tubes manufactured in the USA with the best quality materials where maximum conductivity is sought, in this case the Hipster has high precision engravings.

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Battery Capacity
  • For 1 External Battery
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Data sheet

Battery Compatibility
For Batteries 18650

Specific References

The X2 Hipster mech tube mod from Ronin Mods is built in the US. Naval Brass or Tellurium Copper and has beautiful and deep engravings around the tube.


  • Naval brass, telurium copper
  • High-precision deep engraving
  • 25 mm diameter
  • Hybrid top cover
  • Silver contacts
  • Internal protection cover
  • Magnet fire button
  • 18650 single lithium-ion battery (not included)
  • Made in the United States

This mod is for advanced users. Responsible use requires knowledge of compatible batteries, springs, magnets, hankeeper settings, switches and atomizers. Mechanical Modifiers can be dangerous if used irresponsible or modified.

  • Understand the amperage limit. DO NOT force the battery
  • Replace batteries with broken wrappers
  • Keep batteries in an approved housing
  • Keep your charger in sight
  • DO NOT use damaged batteries
  • DO NOT leave batteries in the car
  • DO NOT store batteries in your pocket with contact with coins or keys
  • DO NOT allow the battery to come into contact with water

This device is strictly for ADVANCED USERS and is NOT recommended for beginners or for those who do not fully understand the Amplitude Limits of their battery in correlation with the Atomizer Resistance. Use new/genuine high drain batteries with this device. Note that there is no low voltage protection, so keep in mind what voltage your batteries are firing at. There is also no overcurrent protection, so consider the amperage limitations of your batteries as well. Use with extreme caution and always check your resistance with a meter (check frequently)! By purchasing the product, you agree that you have knowledge of how to use it correctly and that we are NOT responsible for any accidental misuse or malfunction of this product.