Return policy

The return of any product purchased in Vapeseleccion can be communicated previously by email and with the purchase invoice attached.

The products can be returned for a period of 5 working days from the date of delivery of the product, in perfect condition as delivered and in its original packaging to avoid depreciation of its value and guarantee.

In the case of a return within the permitted range, all costs and return costs will be borne by the customer when it is not a return for material received in poor condition or an error by Vaposeleccion.

Any material that is going to be returned must be presented in perfect condition as received by the client, for this purpose by contacting the client for the solution of the incident.

No used product will be exchanged and there will be no warranty, if it does not present a malfunction at the factory or due to misuse of the customer, even if it is within the authorized period for return.

    Guarantee of our products

In the event that a product presents demonstrable failures, you can send a video by whatsapp and / or email to detailing the possible defect or by delivering it in physical stores. In any case, it is essential to have the equipment in its original box to proceed with processing. Once received in our facilities, Vaposeleccion will proceed to the resolution of the guarantee immediately, and if applicable:

  • Vaposelección will offer collection in the peninsula of apparently defective products and if this is finally the case, all the procedures will be free for the consumer or final customer. The products that are repaired will also be delivered at no cost to the customer
  • Products that have not turned out to be defective will be returned to the customer upon payment of the costs incurred in the collection and / or delivery to the customer.
  • If a customer has made the shipment to Vaposeleccion and said product was defective we will proceed to return the shipping cost in the form of a discount voucher never higher than € 5 per shipping cost.

Vaposeleccion will respond to the lack of conformity that is manifested within a period of six months from delivery, in all those products that are electronic cigarette kits or home, as registered by the manufacturer. The consumer and user must inform Vaposeleccion of the lack of conformity within that period, as soon as he or she becomes aware of it.

The resolution of the warranty can be made by replacing the defective part with a new one once it has been received from the factory or if there is no possible solution, replacing the product with a new one or, if preferred, granting the customer a discount voucher. the value of your purchase.

The consumable parts: Claromizadores, atomizers, cartridges, disposable cigarettes and e-liquids lack guarantee to be as their name indicates consumables and for security and hygiene their return will not be accepted.

It will not proceed to replace or refund the product if it has a defect that is a product of misuse, of blows, defects or alterations in the equipment for its own use, etc ...

It is recommended to change the resistances every 10 days, although they can last up to a month (depending on the use and frequency of vaping). The resistance is a filament that remains incadescente every time you press the power button of the battery, the continuous use of the e-cigarette ends burning said filament giving an aftertaste to burn, it is time to replace the resistance or the clearomizer in case of being disposable.

We continually make internal improvements to ensure a quality service to our customers, a reliability that guarantees the confidence that can be deposited in us as a company. If you choose us as an online store to buy your electronic cigarette products, we will try to assist you in the best way possible, although sometimes human errors or errors arise from the companies with which we collaborate to transport the products, in such case from Vaposeleccion is available to the client for the immediate solution of any anomaly that may have arisen.