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Full Moon Concentrate

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€10.00 - €20.00

Buy aromas Full Moon in our online store. In Vaposelección we have the best aromas of the renowned brand Full Moon, with which you can create exquisite liquids to vape at any time. If you are thinking of creating your own essences from scratch, the aromas of Full Moon bring to the market unbeatable combinations of flavors so that you can delight your palate when it comes to vaping. The French brand Full Moon has made a great impact on the world of vaping with its original combinations of tropical and European fruits in their flavors that will claim all those who start in this world.

The particularity of the aromas Full Moon, is that its flavors are a colorful explosion that alludes to its name and the mixture of fresh fruits in the composition of the essence. A Full Moon favorite aroma among our users is the version Full Moon Red Aroma of 10 ml that combines the tropical flavors of mango, pineapple and red fruits, achieving an explosive flavor on the palate.

From Vaposelección we bring you the whole range of flavors of the aromas of this famous French brand. You won't regret trying them!