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Medusa Juice Concentrate

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€10.00 - €20.00

Buy Medusa aromas in our online store. From Malaysian comes this manufacturer of liquids and aromas, more focused on the fruit field. Medusa aromas are characterized by being an e-liquid 0% nicotine (although you can add Nicokits) and offer a variety of very intense flavors, among which you will find Illusions Vapor, a unique mixture between pineapple and toffee; Tangie Queen, the taste of strawberry combined with tropical mango; Willy's Wonder, where the currant becomes the protagonist next to the strawberry; and Crystal Kandi, with a more than soft blend between kiwi, banana and strawberry, achieving a perfect and exotic balance, among other varieties of unique flavors of Medusa Juice.

From Vaposelección we bring you a wide range of the aromas of the Malaysian brand that will make you enjoy each puff you give to your vaper. Don't hesitate to try them!