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Atos Mtl

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Bp Mods presents its new MTL the Labs MTL, a product with which you can enjoy your vaping in MTL. With a very configurable restricted puff and with TOP qualities the new MTL Labs is made for you. It contains 6 puff configuration pins in addition to the 4 bells, all to leave it to your absolute liking. To mount it in single coil, it has an easy to assemble deck and with enough space for resistances, in addition, it ensures that it is clean in its use.

Buy MTL atomizers in our online store. MTL vaping as its name says is one in which the vaping style consists of inhaling the vapor into the mouth and then taking it to the lungs until it is expelled. This type of vaping is similar to smoking conventional cigarettes. Differentiating between MTL ( mouth lung) and DTL ( direct to the lung) is important for several reasons, among them is the fact that it is an important part to know the difference between these and how they work to be a vaping professional and not be like a fool before your vaping friends.

In our online store you can find the entire range of MTL atomizers of the best quality at the best price on the market.