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Bases Chemnovatic

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€15.00 - €30.00

Buy Bases CHEMNOVATIC in our online store. Known worldwide for its maceration bases, we present the company and alchemist CHEMNOVATIC. This company offers the most impatient vapers the highest quality rapid maceration bases that can be on the market. These bases come in 100ml format with a content of 80ml of different proportions such as 80%VG 20%PG.

What it achieves with this type of bases is to accelerate the process of maceration of the liquid, getting it ready to vape and with all its nuances in maximum one hour.

CHEMNOVATIC also has aromas of exquisite quality with fruity flavors, desserts and even flavors of peanut butter. From Vaposelección we bring you a wide catalog of products chemnovatic so you can enjoy even more of each puff to your vaper. You won't regret trying them!