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Commercial Resistances

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Replacement resistors from the GTX range from Vaporesso, compatible with the Luxe XR range and other devices compatible with GTX, GTX 22, Swag PX80, GTX 26, GTX 24.


- 0.15ohm (up to 70w) - DTL

- 0.2ohm (up to 60w) - DTL

- 0.3ohm (up to 40w) - DTL

- 0.4ohm (up to 35w) - RDL

- 0.6ohm (up to 30w) - RDL & MTL

- 0.8ohm (up to 20w) - MTL

Pack of 5 units



Replacement mesh resistors for all devices Voopoo compatible with PNP cartridges.


- VM6 0.15ohm

- VM5 0.20ohm

- VM1 0.3ohm:

- VM4 0.6ohm

- TR-1 1.2ohm

Pack of 5 units

Buy Commercial resistances in our online store. Commercial resistance is one of the many types of vaping you can find in our store. Commercial vaping resistors are composed of a resistive wire inside a cylinder with side holes. In addition, they are surrounded by cotton and will heat up once you press the power button. When you start using any of our kits, you may have the question of when you should change it for other commercial vaping resistances. Generally, there is no deadline in which you need to change it, although it is recommended to do so after seven or 10 days of use.

The lifespan of your endurance will depend on many factors, so you should be vigilant. On the one hand, if you vape at too high a power you may have to change it first. It is important that, when you use some kind of trade resistance, you do not make puffs that are too strong. This would cause the cotton to run out of liquid and dry vaping. On the contrary, when carrying out a vaping experience, it is important that you make gentle puffs. Do not forget that you must properly soak your resistance to prevent it from burning from the beginning.