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Diy Molecules

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Add a touch of freshness as haunting as it is explosive to your preparations with the molecule used by A&L manufacturers.

Format: 10ml
Recommended dosage: 1-15 drops
Maceration time: 24 hours minimum, to see how the liquid evolves



ICE is a flavor enhancer for alchemy. Standalone is a flavor that creates a fresh-punch in the throat compared to menthol. But it's totally menthol-free.

It is very useful, to transform any type of eliquid into a mint ejuice. It is also an expert tool to bring the different flavors in the foreground.

Buy DIY Molecules in our online store. If you want to enhance the flavor of your vaping liquids, buy Molecules for your eLiquids. These will give a background to your liquids in an incredible way. Molecules are never used for vaping, since the level we will use of them in the manufacture of our liquids is minimal, a small drop for each ten milliliters canister. Even if you give a small amount, the power that will infuse your liquids to vape will make them unmistakable, depending on the molecule that you like the most.

The famous ones among all molecules, and that are commonly used among all vapers are: Koolada, Sour, Smooth or Ethyl Maltol. For example if you are looking for a touch of fresh to enjoy and enhance all the nuances of your mixture you should use the Koolada. For a bitter touch you must use Sour and so all the types of molecules that if you use them in the right proportion (usually two or three drops per 100ml) you will make your liquid not leave you indifferent in each puff.

On our website you will find a large selection of molecules for your alchemical creations. You won't regret trying them!