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Rba Kits (Repairable)

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€60.00 - €75.00



Suicide Mods and Vaping Bogan have continued to work this time to create a new boron system that makes Ether one of the best on the market. A fully customizable kit with several air inlets and several hoods of different colors, to offer both MTL and DTL experience to the user.

*Needs a Boro mod to work.

Buy Rba kits in our online store. The acronym RBA stands for Re-Buildable Atomizer, and makes it very clear what these types of atomizers are for. With them you can create the resistors from scratch, and change them whenever you want. Without a doubt, something very different from what you can do with a commercial atomizer. To wind the wire, they have several poles and other pieces on the cover. And they may or may not have a tank, as we'll see shortly.

In our online store you will find the RBA kits in order to convert your commercial atomizer into a repairable atomizer, since we replace the resistance or commercial coil with this repairable base. In it will be where we will put the artisanal resistors, with which we will gain durability of the resistance, as long as you carry a maintenance of correct form.

In our online store you will find all kinds of repairable bases for your favorite atomizers.