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This reconstructible mesh sheet is a larger one that has proven to be superior in flavor production on the market. It is a perforated sheet of Kanthal A1 material. The style mesh coil blade measures 16mm*6.8mm with a resistance of 0.18 ohms for better performance from 40 to 60 w. The dry ignition power of the appropriate mesh coil is between 15W and 20W.

Buy low cost coils in our online store. This type of resistance is very focused on anyone who wants to start the artisanal resistances due to its value in ohms, simplicity of construction and versatility that it offers us. We can mount it both in mechanics and in electronics and in almost any tank or rda that allows us to do so. They have good production of flavor and steam.

In our online store you can find all kinds of low-cost coils of the best quality on the market at a derisory price.