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Bases The Ark

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The bases for making your e-liquids of The Ark stand out for their top quality ingredients, with a neutral flavor so that your recipes always come out perfect. Manufactured 100% in Spain they have the guarantee of quality of one of the most experienced companies in the sector.


850ML base + 15 nicokits 50/50 out of 20mg

Add the small nicokits to the larger capacity bottle.

Buy bases the ark for vaping in our online store. From Vaposelección we want to present the new bases The Ark. If you are looking for new alternatives for your alchemy, you can not miss the opportunity to discover this brand that will revolutionize all your creations. The Ark will become your new best friend when it comes to vaping. If you are one of those who like to experiment, try new things and research on how to get the best blends, we are sure that these bases will become your ideal travel companions.

Whether you're a vaping novice or a veteran, you need to know that base is one of two key ingredients. The other, of course, the aroma. Therefore, having a quality one is essential to achieve an interesting and attractive alchemy. The bases The Ark meet all the requirements of the most demanding vapers. All the alternatives that we offer you, in Vaposelección have been tested and tested. The result has been spectacular liquids, with attractive fragrances and a clear and deep flavor.

Do not think about it for a second and discover everything that The Ark offers you for your daily vaping!