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The French brand Alliancetech Vapor. After several months of work, he decided to release a collection box limited to 500 copies. A hybrid mechanical mod with tank.

  • Stainless
Battery Capacity
  • For 1 External Battery
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Data sheet

Battery Compatibility
For Batteries 18650
Battery Compatibility
For Batteries 18350

Specific References

Sober and elegant, practical...

The AF Mod RS Hybrid is made of 304L stainless steel. The engraving on the switch is sleek and the tube has a sober and elegant look in both the brushed SS finish and the satin finish.

The mod allows the use of 18350 or 18650 batteries. Just put the battery in your mod and voila, the adjustment is done automatically according to your battery. Since we are in a mechanical mode, we recommend batteries with discharge currents greater than 20 A in 18650 and 10 A or more by 18350.

The Flave Tank RS 22 hybrid atomizer is less greedy than its brother the Flave Tank RS 24 mm. This allows its use in mod mecha with mounts that require less energy. You'll find precise and dense flavors in this 22mm RS tank.

Real work has been done on the switch that has no less than 8 parts and 4 keys. The design avoids electric arcs in its batteries (and thus prolongs their lifespan). Actually, the battery is always in contact with the top of the switch, and the contact is made inside. Here too Alliancetech has thought of maximizing the contact surface that is made around the part. This allows not to clog the switch and therefore facilitates maintenance.

The switch can also be locked by simply turning the locking ring in less than a quarter turn.


Battery 18350/18650 (Not included)

Height: 82.7 mm (18350) and 112.1 mm (18650) height with drip tip included

Locking switch

Copper connector, silver

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