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List of products by brand Shaman Juice Aromas



Shaman Juice's Trindium Aroma subtly combines different tobaccos with a variety of nuts to create a combination of great flavor.

Format: 30ml
Recommended Dilution: 12%
Maceration time: 21 days



The aroma Truza of Nicond by Shaman Juice is born from the fusion of the best tobaccos in the house, achieving a powerful flavor softened by a spongy homemade ensaimada. Let yourself be surprised by this incredible creation!

200ml bottle with 30ml aroma

Dilution: 15%

Maceration: 3-5 days

Shaman Juice Aromas

Buy Shaman Juice aromas in our online store. Shaman Juice aromas are Premium aromas Made in Spain, from water-soluble raw materials of excellent certified quality.

This Spanish manufacturer is known worldwide for making liquids for vaping such as Trindio, which being a tabaquil with hints of nuts has become one of the sensations worldwide of vaping.

Also this brand has a wide range of aromas that will be a delight in each puff you give to your vaper device, such as its Nicond range that are aromas that come in 20Ml / 200ml format of different flavors mixing fruits and desserts such as its strawberries with chocolate or its orange cookies with chocolate, apart from its delicious aroma of ensaimada.

A delight for your palate!