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List of products by brand 12 Monkeys



Kanzi has a taste for only the best fruity flavors but also with strawberries, watermelon and a touch of kiwi. Kanzi is a delicious fruit blend that will surely please any palate.

Chubby 60ml.
PG30 / VG70

50ml liquid prepared at 0mg ready to vape. If you prefer 3mg of nicotine add 1 nicokit of 20mg of nicotine.


Twelve Monkeys E liquids

Buy Twelve Monkey Liquids in our online store. Twelve Monkeys e liquids de vapeo, is a company that is located in Canada and aims to be able to offer all vapers in the world the best mixtures with high quality ingredients. With all the nicotine liquids and salts 12 Monkeys you can create large clouds of vapor full of aroma and flavor.

If you like vaping liquids with dense flavors, 12 Monkeys Classic offers you the opportunity to vape with your electronic cigarette, an extensive collection of high-level fruit flavors. The line of Twelve Monkeys classic liquids are specially designed for vaping with Sub-ohm and rebuildable tanks and manages to create those dense clouds of steam that vapers like so much. The mixtures of Twelve Monkeys liquids with ingredients such as almonds, walnuts, yogurt, cereals or condensed milk will make you taste the difference of the best fruit juice you have ever tasted.

In our online store you can find the full range of these exquisite liquids.