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List of products by brand Capella



French Vanilla V2 is an aroma with a delicious Vanilla flavor with an extra touch of egg. What is the difference between the Vanilla flavor and the French Vanilla? The difference comes down to the taste of eggs, French Vanilla tends to have a slight egg yolk flavor. This is the V2 version, which is free of diketone (acetoin, diacetyl and acetyl propionyl).

Format: 10ml

Dilution: 10-15%

Maceration: 7-10 days

Better Aromas and E liquids Capella

The story of Capella began in 2005. This U.S.-based company first introduced its tea and coffee aromas that year. In 2008 they decided to expand their range of products to add to foods and beverages without fat, calories or sweeteners.

In our online store you can find its best known range as Marvellous, this range is dedicated to sweet flavors of coffee in different modalities, such as Machiatto Coffee, Vanilla Cream, Coffee with chocolate and the so-called Marvellous Coffee that turns out to be an intense coffee with whipped cream and chocolate. A delight for morning breakfasts!

Capella also has its range of aromas, they are aromas more destined to make mixtures and get your own elaboration to find your ideal liquid E. It has all kinds of fruit flavors, tabaquiles, sweets. You must be very attentive to the proportions you use, since they have a very remarkable intensity of flavor.