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List of products by brand Ambar Juice



The new Ambar Fruits Melon Leaf Nicotine Salts are here to stay; thanks to a delicious combination of sweet melon, ripe kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, red and black raspberries and a subtle final touch of mint that will enhance all the flavors mentioned above until it leads you to ecstasy.

Format: 10ml

Nicotine in salts: 20mg

The best desserts of Vaping

From Ambar Juice bring us to delight the delicious Harmony, which turns out to be a three-chocolate cake with sponge cake and vanilla ice cream, a sweet liquid but nothing cloying that will be a joy for the sweetest palates in the world of vaping.

And just out of the oven this brand presents the Symphony which is a sweet, tender and unique chocolate brownie filled with creamy cream and white chocolate, which will make your mouth water with each puff.

The latest creation of the alchemists of Ambar Juice is Harmony Tobacco that starting from the base of the famous Harmony, the dry flavor of tobacco is added making this e liquid a wonder for the day to day vaperil.

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