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List of products by brand Dinner Lady Aromas



There may be and will be many liquids and aromas of lemon tart, but lemon Tart from Dinner Lady and its smell makes it different and different from the others. A puff pastry lemon meringue covered in lemon zest makes the perfect taste for your palate.

Format: 30ml

Maceration: 10-15 days

Dilution: 15-20%



A delicious wave of pink strawberry, lemon and coconut. Let the flavors lift you up like never before.


Maceration:15-17 days

Concentration: 20%

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From the United Kingdom comes this famous manufacturer of both liquids and aromas for you to create your own liquids through alchemy. It should be noted that this manufacturer is mainly dedicated to making fruity and dessert aromas. The Dinner Lady aromas are marketed in 30 milliliter format and with a concentration of propylene glycol of 100% plus the food aroma of the flavor in question in this case.

From Vaposelección we bring you a wide range of products of this English brand, starting from the well-known Lemon Tart that turns out to be a lemon meringue with puff pastry covered with lemon zest makes it perfect flavor for your palate until the latest creations such as the Watermelon Slice Ice that with its watermelon jelly bean and a slight touch of fresh makes this liquid a perfect day-to-day companion for the summer season.

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