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List of products by brand Vampire Vape Aromas

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Heisenberg is the perfect vaping aroma. With its sweet combination of red fruits and berries accompanied by blue raspberry smoothie and the special touch of freshness.
Format: 30ml
Dilution: 10-15%
Maceration: Snapshot



A taste that will want everything fruity vapers wondering why we didn't do this before.
An explosion of fruit on your palate is about to erupt !!!

30ml plastic containers.

Vampire vape is a new collection of aromas and its limited edition both Pinkman and Heissenberg, make the delicacies of all vapers and alchemists.

Vampire Vape is an E liquids brand that was established in 2012 and became LTD as Flavor Warehouse LTD in 2013. A brand recognized by vapers around the world that offers different flavors of vaping liquids and aromas to offer a pleasure in each puff.

This famous brand of e liquids has the best-selling aromas worldwide, we are talking about Heisenberg. Heisenberg is the quintessential vaping scent, it is a top secret recipe that can only be described as the father of liquids to vape all day. Fruity notes and a sensation of crystallization as well as a sensation after vaping that will leave you thinking about what it is... and wishing for more.

Pink man It is a mixture of red fruits with a refreshing touch that will make it the perfect liquid for day to day.

In Vaposelecció you will find the full range of aromas of this prestigious brand. You won't regret trying them!