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Live the sweet life!

Live the sweet life!

By : Álex - Categories : Tutorials Rss feed

Very good again, today I leave you another list of sweet aromas that are also the ones that I like most among so many that we have, as I do others I will update you, as always a pleasure to give my opinion and tell you my experiences .

If you click on the name of the aroma you will go directly to it.

  • Aroma Banana Fryd: Spectacular sweet banana very rich in the mouth the rich rich truth.
  • Original Yogi Aroma: Cereals and honey perfectly combined a delight.
  • Aroma Mexican Fried Ice: Really very rich truth and 120ml of base plus aroma 150ml of a very good aroma.
  • Aroma Rocket Man: Subtle yogurt with blueberries and muesli another wonder on the palate.
  • Aroma Virgin Queen: Follow the same beat as Freddie Mercury, a great show !!!!
  • Aroma Archaon: The new and surprisingly rich Oil4Vap a delight.
  • Aroma Dough Cream: Vanilla ice cream but not suddenly cold, wonderful.
  • Aroma Neapolitan: Of the Chief's favorites and mine, excellent combination of 3 ice creams.
  • Aroma The Crumble: Grandma's apple crumble with a lot of love over a very low heat.
  • Aroma Nagato: Crème brûlée popcorn, I was surprised by a great aroma.
  • Aroma Mr. Meringue: Spectacular sweet French, a classic that should not be missed.
  • Tallak Aroma: Perfect combination of vanilla coated nuts, great nutty flavor.

I wish I helped you a little more in the meantime that there is in the market, a big hug for everyone.

You can from here, enter another post, where I talk about my alchemist tricks.

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