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What to use every day?

What to use every day?

By : Alberto - Categories : Vaping Tips Rss feed

Many customers, when they approach the store, often wonder what they usually use in your day to day or what liquid you vape, or what you do so that they do not want to smoke ... here I leave you what I use and how use, in case you may be interested.

What mod do I use?

In the first place I will start with my main mod, I have been changing many in this time, but today it is the one that makes me more comfortable and the one that best suits me, the TopSide Dual BF. Electronic, double battery, Bottom Fedder, what I was looking for when I bought this product was the ease of autonomy and power with a BF, but sacrificing a little space, since it is very large and rough. My use is practically in the store during the day and at home.

What atomizer do I use?

As an atomizer I use the Kali V2 RDA. I have tried thousands of RDAs, and none has provided me with the taste and the feeling that this Kali gives me. In fact I have been testing RDA single coil very top and do not suit my draft or my way of vaping. Dual coil and 100w up, most times.

What liquid do I consume?

I've been fond of Chemnovatic quick bases lately, if you haven't tried them, I advise you. They go very well, macerate the aromas with a very very good flavor. Right now, I vape with the new Archaon of Oil4vap, also highly recommended, almost always or most times, cloying and sweet liquids, can not be missing.

What use of secondary device?

My little gem, the Orion DNA. A pod of 10 that gives me what I want, blow and tasteful drag. When I go in the car, when I go anywhere and I don't want to carry the weight of the Topside, there's little Orion, 100% recommended. Accompanying it always or most of the time, nicotine salts of tobacco liquids ... American Luxury, Don Cristo, are my favorites.

And you, with what you vapea in the day to day ?, Do not hesitate to leave it in the comments so that we can share it with everyone.

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