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The fashion of the AIO

The fashion of the AIO

By : Alberto - Categories : Tutorials Rss feed

All of us who vape and do it daily and also have that so-called "spongitis" that makes us buy everything that comes new to the market and is also attractive, we see how vaping goes for streaks and fashions ...

We have lived the fashion of pods, those small devices used with nicotine salts and that bring us closer to the puffs or sensations that the conventional cigarette gives us.

Also, a fashion that is still present, those of the Bottom Fedder (BF), the feedback devices that are so comfortable for the most advanced.

And now, we find the POD MOD devices, the AIO that have been known all our lives, the ALL IN ONE. All in one, as its acronym says in English, we have a kit device that provides us with a single tank product and pod at the same time.

But why have they become fashionable again?

Companies after innovating more and more with their devices and after seeing that purchases of large and huge kit devices are no longer so high, opted for more ergonomic, smaller and more comfortable devices in their use. Devices in which you do not have to eat the head with threads, simply using a magnet in its upper cartridge, which in turn, joins the bottom (the same mod). These devices are being an absolute success, first for their price, something more economical and then for their functionality, that things as they are, devices such as the DRAG S or the new DRAG X Plus, are going great.

But is GOLD all that glitters?

No, of course not. Vaping is sensations and the feeling you have in a device like these that I name, would have or has nothing to do with the feeling that we can have in a clearer top, type Crown 5 of Uwell or Zeus Sub ohm, and no longer compare it with repairable devices, whether RDA, RTA ... Etc. Naming something very important also, and that is that they are proprietary devices and with hybrid heads with which, you will not be able to use another atomizer unless it is its cartridge, or that you acquire additionally and outside the kit an adapter, that putting the sum of the two, we would opt for something different. But if that's not your problem, rest assured, an AIO is your product.

These devices have very clear peculiarities and are focused on something very specific, comfort and economy.

What if we put Reparables together with AIO?

It is possible, to be concrete a specific product will give you a feeling of a repairable but using an AIO, a more comfortable device. This is the case of the URSA Kit, a kit that brings us two different tanks, two different types of vaping, a head to place any type of atomizer in the mod and a repairable base (part of the kit) that will let us place handmade resistors of 3mm without any problem and that, in addition , it will give us a feeling and a flavor equal to that of an RTA of this style. I'll leave it down here for you to take a look at.

Thank you very much for reading so far, any questions you have do not hesitate to contact us here or on any of our social networks.

See you for Vaposelección!

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